Modify email notifier copy

You can use this code to modify the text displayed in the area where an audience member signs up for an email reminder.

The code you’ll use will differ depending on how you’re displaying the content: via white label or embed (v7).

In each instance, replace the blue code text and red text with the copy you’d like to display to your audience, respectively.

Please note that code provided for these customizations is sample code used to modify Scribble from its out-of-the-box offerings. These are not supported features and ScribbleLive is not responsible for any future depreciation or changes we make to our platform that alter the functionality of the code within. For supported features and functionality, please see our Knowledge Base.

White Label

notifer white label

To change the email notifier copy displayed, copy and paste the code below into TopHTML section of your event. This allows you to have different copy on a per-event basis. Here’s how. (NOTE: To change the copy displayed on all events on your white label, append elements on your white label settings page.)

  1. Go to the Setup > Templates page of your event.
  2. Find the Whitelabel TopHTML section in the right column of the Templates Setup page.
  3. Add the code below to the text area.
  4. Click the Save Changes button to save your changes.
<script> setTimeout(function(){ document.getElementById("NotificationOptInMessage").innerHTML="Replaces "I'd like to receive promotional emails from [Client name]""; document.getElementById("NotificationMessage").innerHTML="Replaces "Enter your email to receive an email when the event starts""; },5000) </script>

Embed (v7)

notifier v7

If you’re using a embed template, copy the code below and paste it into the TopHTML section of your embed template. Here’s how. Please note that this email notifier text will display in all events using that embed template.

  1. Go to the Admin > Manage Templates page of your account, OR the Setup > Templates page of your event.
  2. Navigate to the Embed (v7) tab.
  3. Click on the embed template you would like to edit, and click the Edit button that appears.
  4. Find the Top HTML section at the bottom of the Settings page.
  5. Add the code below in the TopHTML section.
  6. Click the Save button to save your changes.
<style type="text/css">  .scrbbl-email-promote-text { display: none; }  .scrbbl-email-promote-inner:after { content: 'Replaces "I'd like to receive promotional emails from [client name]"'; display: block; display: table-cell; margin: 0; text-align: left; font: 12px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; color: #777; } </style>