Display an Event

Usually, you’re going to want to get the most recent page of posts, also known as the last page. Here’s the API call you’ll want to make:

/event/{Event Id}/page/last/?Token={API Token}

The API call to display a ScribbleLive event requires two parameters.

  • A valid ScribbleLive API token
    • Found on the Admin > API page of your ScribbleLive account.
  • A ScribbleLive event id
    • Found on the Syndication > API page of each event.

This call returns the following information about an event.

  • Id
  • Title
  • Description
  • If the event is live
  • If commenting is enabled
  • If comment moderation is enabled
  • If discussions are enabled
  • If discussion moderation is enabled
  • The last page of posts with the following information about each post
    • Id
    • Content
    • Creator
      • Id
      • Name
      • Avatar Image URL
    • Post Type
    • Created Date
    • Last Modified Date
    • If the post is a comment
    • If the post is stuck
    • If the post is deleted
    • If the post is approved
    • Lat/long location
    • Source
    • Id of event post is from

For a complete list of parameters, and a sandbox where you can make API calls and see the responses, visit your ScribbleLive API page.

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