Display a list of events associated to your Account

You want to get a list of Events associated to your Account. Here’s the API call you’ll want to make:

/client/{Client Id}/events?Token={API Token}

The API call to display a list of ScribbleLive events associated to your Account requires two parameters.

  • A valid ScribbleLive API token
    • Found on the Admin > API page of your ScribbleLive account.
  • A ScribbleLive Client Id
    • Found on the Admin > API > Clients > Expand

This call returns the following information about an event.

  • Id – Client Id
  • Plan – Plan the of the Client
  • Name – Name of the Client
  • Events (Array)
    • Event (Object)
      • Id – Id of the event
      • Title – Title of the event
      • Type – Type of the event (Regular, Social)
      • CustomCategories {Object}
      • IsLive – If the event is open
      • IsHidden – If the event is visible
      • IsDeleted – If the event was deleted
      • IsCommenting – If commenting (external posts) is enabled
      • IsModerated – If commenting is moderated
      • Discussion (Object)
        • Enabled – If discussions (comments for a posts) are enabled
        • Moderated – If discussions are moderated
      • Promotional Start – If the event is still closed and supposed to automatically open on a certain date
      • Start – Startdate of the event
      • End – End date of the event
      • Pages – How many pages are in the event calculated with the default page size (45 posts per page)
      • NumPosts – Number of Posts
      • NumComments – Number of Posts coming from external sources (Twitter/Facebook)
      • Language – Language of the event
      • Websites (Array) – Templates that event is associated to (including the current Template)
        • Id – Template Id
        • Name – Name of the Template
        • Url – Url of the Template
      • Created – Creation Date (Past Dates can also be used)
      • LastModified
      • Meta (Object)
        • LastImagePostId – Id of the last image Post
        • LastImage – Url of the Last Image
        • PrivatePolling
        • MarketNotified – Is this event on the Scribblelive market
        • SyndicatedTopHtml
      • IsSyndicated – Is this event syndicated from another event
      • IsSyndicatable
      • SyndicatedComments
      • CreatorName
      • SyndicationCode – Code for syndicating one stream into another, the SyndicationCode will only show if a valid Auth token is passed to the request
      • Thumbnail
    • Websites (Array)
      • Website (Object)
        • Id – Template Id
        • Name – Name of the Template
        • Url – Url of the Template

For a complete list of parameters, and a sandbox where you can make API calls and see the responses, visit your ScribbleLive API page.