API Limitations on amount of calls and return data

There are a few limitations you should be aware of when using the API which will avoid some headaches.

Return limits on calls

All individual calls will return a maximum of 98 entries even through you can set the “Max” parameter higher than 100.

For example, using the /event/{Event Id}/all to get all posts from an event, you will notice we can set the “Max” to 1000. However the returned data will only have a maximum of 99 entries. To adjust for this, we recommend using the pagination calls for posts and call the needed pages as needed.


Call limits on the API end points

API rate limits – limit of 2000 hits per minute (calls that are uncached)
Cached calls are unlimited

Uncached Calls

Reasons for why a calls would be uncached – if parameters with random strings are
added to the call