Custom Meta

Control custom Meta data on a post level

Adding meta to a post

POST{your auth}&token={your token}

This creates a new post/content within your event


Path Parameters:

Token true A valid ScribbleLive API token
Found on the Settings > API page of your ScribbleLive account.
Auth An authentication key will last for a up to 2 hours or until the user’s password is changed. See here to on how to get an auth
SendToModeration SendToModeration=1 will send content to the moderation hub
SendToModeration=0 (this param can also be excluded ie. this is the default) will send content to the stream or moderation depending on the settings of the event and the user creating the content



Query Parameters:

ThreadId The Stream ID to save the post to,

“ThreadId”: 1234567890

Content The content to save in the post. Post content may be transformed/sanitized once saved,

“Content”: “This_is_new_content”,

IsComment boolean Determine if this post is a user comment,

“IsComment”: false,

IsApproved boolean Determine if this post is Approved or not. If not approved posts will be sent to the moderation hub,
Source string Source property to define where the post content came from,

“Source”: “string”,

Type string The post type being saved = [‘TEXT’, ‘IMAGE’, ‘HTML’, ‘VIDEO’, ‘AUDIO’, ‘EMBED’],

“Type”: “TEXT”,

Caption string This property is only used with Image / Video / Audio post types,

“Caption”: “string”,

PostMeta object JSON object containing any Raw Data you may want to include,

“PostMeta”: {
“raw_date”: 0,
“raw_data2”: 2,
“random_field”: true},

Rank integer Pinned Posts are Rank=0, Regular Posts are Rank=1 = [‘0’, ‘1’],

“Rank”: 0,

Location location JSON object containing data, ie lat, long, etcLocation
Lat (number),
Long (number),
SRID (number, optional)
Icons string Comma seperated list of Icon Id’s

“Icons”: “string”





Example application/json

  "Id": 99999999999,
  "Rank": 0,
  "Type": "TEXT",
  "Creator": {
    "Id": 0987654321,
    "Name": "David Z",
    "Avatar": "http://avatars.somewhereoutthere.png"
  "CreationDate": "2016-07-01T14:54:09.270Z",
  "Content": "Thisisnew_content2",
  "LastModifiedDate": "2016-07-01T14:54:09.270Z",
  "IsDeleted": false,
  "IsComment": false,
  "Editor": null,
  "Source": "string",
  "Group": 0,
  "IsApproved": true,
  "Location": null,
  "Icons": null,
  "PostMeta": {
    "raw_date": 0,
    "raw_data2": 2,
    "random_field": true,
    "Source": "api",
    "CreationDate": 1467384849
  "CreatorUser": {
    "Id": 1234567,
    "Name": "David Z",
    "Thumbnail": "http://avatars.somewhereoutthere.png"
  "StreamId": 1234567890,
  "EventId": 1234567890,
  "Syndicated": true